Praise Fellowship Church has a presence in a variety of nations around the globe.  We serve in Africa, India and right here in our own backyard in the Chatham-Kent area.  Now you can make a donation to one of our Mission endeavours online. Choose a cause, local or abroad, and click on the “Donate” button at the bottom of this page to send your gift. Every dollar counts. As you sow seed into this essential ministry be confident in knowing it will fall on fertile ground.

take a look at the great community work Praise Fellowship is doing in Chatham-Kent!

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Pay It Forward PFC Ministry


Pay it Forward definition: respond to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.
Paying it forward can also something as simple as offering your time to just talk to someone who needs a friend. Even just a smile can make a difference or even save a life.
• This group is for members of the Chatham Kent and surrounding areas. Any item you no longer use or need, may help another family. Everything in this group is free unless approved by an Admin.
• This is a group for Paying it Forward. At one point or another, many people have required assistance. It could be a need for furniture, clothing, shoes, food, supplies for Infants, Toddlers and Children, sporting goods, services, etc. We help as many people as we can. Almost everyone has items in their homes they no longer need or have a use for. What better way to Pay it Forward than to post your items in this group? It is also a great way to declutter your home. Look in your basements, closets, garages and most importantly your Hearts. No draws or raffles allowed only by admin Lets all Pay it Forward….



Praise Fellowship Church operates it’s own Soup Kitchen on a weekly basis and ministers to a large number of locals who would otherwise go without a hot, nutritious meal. Every Tuesday morning volunteers arrive early to begin the necessary preparations for the lunch hour meal.


• The New To You Clothing is a unique non-profit assisting those in need in Chatham Kent and surrounding area
• The idea for the New To You started with providing a single pair of shoes to one individual. Now, 1 year later, New To You has increased its outreach to assist thousands of individuals throughout Chatham Kent and surrounding area
• New To You provides clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.
• Various programs also help our shoppers during other events in life; the birth of a new baby, the first day of school, a wedding, or an interview for a new job.
• The mission of New To You is to provide free clothing and opportunities for our clients to improve their lives. Our shoppers can shop knowing that they won’t be charged and they can save their money to use for other living expenses.
• New To You provides the opportunity for new job seekers and new job starters to shop for career clothing, giving them a chance to change their situation.
• New To You is filled with donated new or gently used clothing. Donated clothing is provided by individuals, donations by corporate retail organizations, or through monetary donations with which needed items are purchased.
• Donations can also be dropped off during our open times
Tuesdays, 11:00 am – 2:30 pm Or by making an appointment for time that is more suitable for users
Contact info:
Referrals should be made via phone at 519-990-5178, or
email @ pfcclothingministry@gmail.com
For more information about New To You Clothing Ministry please contact
Geri Ann Hughson



Praise also ministers to the local community each Halloween season by annually hosting a spectacular “Harvest Party” each October 31st in the church parking lot. Admission is FREE and so is the food, refreshments, rides, games, and candy! This carnival type of event has become popular with the local residents and it continues to grow each year.


Praise Fellowship support those in our community on a short term basis who are in need of food items.  Working through Neighbour Link also, we can answer the call as stated in “Matthew 25:35 NIV  “35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.”

• Praise Fellowship Church provides ongoing financial and spiritual support through Elim Fellowship Canada for ministries in Africa.
• Phil & Star Harman are Missionaries in Africa.
• The Harmans have been serving in Africa for a very long time.
• They have worked in Kenya, Burundi and then again in Kenya until the present time.
• Philip is a builder by trade, so has put his skills to work in many situations and even built a trade school center for young people who have not been successful in academic studies.
• Starlene is a teacher and has taught a variety of classes.
• Their experiences of working in a “hands- on” manner have given them a wealth of wonderful experiences with Africans of many different tribes and faiths.
• They are thankful to the Lord for the richness of their many adventures in a changing emerging culture in East Africa.

• Sig & Joy have ministered in East Africa for 30 years. They have established Pamoja Ministries with the mandate of Discipling Cultures through Media, emphasizing the beauty and strengths of Africa.
• They have ministered to tens of thousands of leaders through partnership with World MAP’s literature distribution and Global Pathway seminars. Their ministry also includes in-house production of music CDs, animated videos, kids TV shows, and a full-feature musical movie.
• Pamoja Ministries has produced a photo book about God’s intervention among a group of Maasai with whom they tour North America. The Maasai Choir continues to raise funds to expand their very successful school, way out on the Maasai Steppe.
• Pamoja’s faith-based Financial Literacy Program uses video-animation teachings and comic-book notes. In its first year alone, it has helped more than 20,000 families advance economically by teaching them to use micro-financial loans effectively.
• Presently, Pamoja’s team of 15 international missionaries is establishing Outreach Centers across East Africa.

     In India we minister to the poor, orphans, lepers, aids patients, widows, unreached people groups, and local pastors. We have built an orphanage, “The Praise Fellowship Church Children’s Home”, and are currently in the process of constructing multiple churches. We minister to the people by providing food and clothing, medicine, schooling, transportation, financial support and prayer. We regularly visit this nation and minister to the people in person.

Our Orphanage is pictured to the right of this page.  We recently added a second floor to house the additional children that we care for.

Check our ‘Orphans’ page to view our children sponsored and in need of sponsoring.  Also a video for you to enjoy as we ministered in India.  This page is password protected and available only to PFC members.  Please contact the Webmaster at: pfcwebmaster165@gmail.com