Michael G. Koppes – Senior Pastor and his lovely wife Lisa
     Pastor Mike is ordained under Elim Fellowship of Canada. Together, he and his wife Lisa oversee and shepherd the body of Praise Fellowship. As one, they endeavor to carry out the mandate that God has deposited within them both for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom. The Great Commission! Pastor Mike’s vision for the church is to see this body of Christ Alive and on fire for Jesus. Daily walking out this call of God by zealously preaching the good news, teaching salvation for the lost and Living a life of integrity as salt and light in a dark world.  The call that God has placed on Pastor Mike’s life is evident as he roars forth the word of God like a young lion.
Eileen Lachance – Worship Pastor/Office Aministrator

     For more than twenty years, Eileen has administrated the business affairs of Praise. In addition, she is a veteran sound technician and also serves as our Worship Director. Not content to just oversee the worship teams, Eileen passionately leads a team herself. For this is where her heart truly lies.

Pastor Mike Koppes

Ron Lachance

Jim Green

Harry Deryck

Paul Salisbury

Sharon Grainger

Eileen Lachance

     These faithful men and women come together to make up Praise Fellowship Church’s Board of Directors.

Allan Dore’ – Custodian/Care taker

    Al Dore’ has been on staff at Praise Fellowship for many years now. His work ethic proves the cry of his heart, “As unto you Lord.” Allan’s dedication and faithfulness in serving Christ is evident not only on the job, but in ministry as well as he also oversees the Wednesday night prayer meetings at Praise.